An ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is a highly mobile Ground Vehicle with a mounted gun on the front. However, the vehicle is weakly armored and the driver is open to enemy fire. It can only seat one person.


ATVs have the most spawn locations out of all the non-stationary vehicles. They can be spawned on the 2nd floor (Ground Vehicle Station) of Bases, in the Underground, the Underground Storage and in Frontline Bunkers.


The ATV has 4 different choices of weapons. It also has 2 choices for Utilities, the most out of all the vehicles. The ATV, like most vehicles, does not have a secondary weapon.

Mounted Auto Shotgun: The default weapon. The Auto Shotgun is automatic, and shoots a spray of shots on click. It is very effective at close range and suitable against infantry and other ATVs. One magazine (6 shots) can take out an ATV and it takes approximately 2 shots to kill the average player.

Mounted Light Machine Gun: Automatic weapon. The Mounted LMG is decent at short-medium ranges and suitable against infantry and other ATVs.

High-Explosive Grenade Launcher: Explosive weapon. Effective at close-medium range, and suitable against infantry, ATVs and up to an extend, Jeeps and other lightly armored vehicles.

20mm Heavy Machine Gun: Automatic Weapon, essentially a heavier variant of the Mounted Light Machine Gun. It is effective at almost all ranges, and considerably effective against infantry, light aircraft, ATVs and up to an extend, Jeeps and other lightly armored vehicles.

Weapon Chart

Auto Shotgun Light Machine Gun HE Grenade Launcher 20mm Heavy Machine Gun
Direct Damage 167(close, 8m)

100.2(far, 48m)

209(close, 20m)

178.904(far, 120m)

250 250(close, 100m)

187.5(far, 150m)

Indirect Damage 0 0 667 0
Projectile Velocity ? ? ? ?
Magazine Size 6 75 8 45
Fire Rate 480 RPM 900 RPM 240 RPM 750 RPM
Reload Speed 2 seconds 3 seconds 3 seconds 2 seconds
Can Deal Damage To All targets Infantry and ATVs only All targets, direct hit. Infantry and ATVs, indirect hit All targets


No Armor Armor lvl 1 Armor lvl 2
Resistance(All Directions) 33% 50% 67%


IR Smoke Turbo Burner
Effect Deploys smoke. Boosts the speed of the ATV by 43, at top speed.
Cooldown Time 20 seconds May vary depending on the length of use


  • The ATV is by far the smallest vehicle in the game.
    • It also has the lowest health in the game.
  • The ATV is incredibly unstable at high speeds, especially if one were to use the Turbo Burner on at an angle.
    • This is easily seen when driving an ATV against a wall.
    • However, angles are often utilized by experienced players as ramps to let the player fly around the map, avoiding any enemy hits.
  • At some point, bulletproof glass was added to the front of the ATV, partially protecting the driver from bullets in front of them.
  • The ATV is the only Vehicle damagable by splash damage.