The Anti-Personnel Turret is a Turret designed for Anti-Personnel use. It fires powerful 20mm rounds alternatively from it's two 20mm Chainguns in a rapid succession, shredding any infantry.

It is very helpful in taking out spawncampers that wander around the roof of one's base, as well as for destroying any low-flying Aircraft that might fly near the Turret.


The Anti-Personnel Turret can be spawned on the roof of the Side Wings on top of a Base. These two Turrets are very efficient in killing spawncampers. It can also be spawned at the front of a Base's 2nd Floor (Ground Station), where the two turrets are positioned to be able to take out any infantry in front of one's base.

The Turret' firerate is very fast and it's accuracy is respectable, however it can have a hard time hitting enemy infantry far away from one's base. In terms of combat against aircraft, it excels if the aircraft is near enough and is inside the Turret's rotation angle. Mind that the Turret can rotate nearly 90 degrees downwards, but is very limited in terms of rotating up. Note that the Turret's overheat is the fastest out of all the Turrets in the game, however the 20mm rounds can still pack a punch to lightly armored Ground Vehicles, such as the Jeep or the ATV.