Armor refers to clothing and protective wear that can be worn by players to increase their effectiveness in battle. Infantry, when equipped with no armor, have 500 health.

Armor Types

Armor can be categorized into two categories. Survivability and Mobility.


Survivability armor is mainly designed to let the user take more damage before dying. This is done in two ways: providing resistances and boosting health. Survivability armor usually also comes with a speed penalty.

Bulletproof Vest: The Bulletproof Vest is the default armor given players upon joining the game. It lets the player retain they default speed of 16, but it improves one's health to 1000. It provides no further resistances and is often considered the "Noob Armor".

Anti-Explode Suit: The Anti-Explode Suit is a suit that offers great protection from explosives, while buffing one's health to 1000 and letting them retain their 16 speed. It is mainly used by people who work in the field on foot since it makes them highly resistant to most vehicle attacks. The Anti-Explode Armor can withstand several direct Rocket Launcher hits and is almost unfazed by enemy explosions. Users wearing this can even withstand stepping on a landmine. If trying to counter users wearing this, do not use any explosive weapons.

Basic Armor Suit: The first armor unlocked that increases health to over 1000 and decreases speed. The Basic Armor Suit increases total health to 1500 while slowing users down to a WalkSpeed of 10. The Basic Armor Suit can give users and edge in combat, however, users wearing this are very slow and prone to explosions and Rocket Launcher hits. A good tip is to keep moving.

Shielded Armor Suit: The Shielded Armor Suit can be considered a straight upgrade to the Basic Armor Suit. It has the same stats, with the addition of a large shield strapped to the left hand of the wearer, so the shield is pointing forwards when the wearers equips a weapon. This shield blocks almost all small arms bullets, making the wearer almost immune to such threats from the front. When countering this armor, it is almost required to either attack the wearer from the back or shoot the wearer with a Rocket Launcher, as this is still a one-hit-kill.

Heavy Armor Suit: The Heavy Armor Suit is unlockable only via a VIP gamepass, for a good reasons. It buffs the wearer's health up to 2000, and provides huge resistances of up to 90% on small arms. The armor resists much of the damage, and combined with it's large health pool, makes the wearer almost absolutely immune to small arms like Assault Rifles or Sub Machine Guns. Because of this, the armor comes with a huge speed penalty of -10, leaving the wearer with a speed of 6. The armor can even resist a direct hit from a Rocket Launcher and several headshots from powerful sniper rifles, as well as being driven over by a Tank. When countering the Heavy Armor Suit, one should try sniping it, as the armor is way too slow to dodge the shots, and by the time the wearer can get behind cover, the sniper can land ten shots, surely killing the wearer. If sniping is not an option, Rocket Launchers are another method of taking down a user. Hitting the target with several direct hits will kill it, as well as directly hitting it with Armor-Piercing Shells, for example from an Artillery.

Uber Armor Suit: A mediocre armor suit, the Uber Armor Suit combines speed and mobility, by increasing health to 1300 while maintaining the user's 16 WalkSpeed.


Mobility armor is designed to provide the user with more mobility than health. It is often used by experienced players to allow them to dodge shots instead of absorbing them. However, users wearing Mobility armor are very immune to splash damage.

Swimming Suit: The only suit in the game that boosts the user's speed when in water specifically. The Swimming Suit gives the user a normal WalkSpeed of 16, a health increase for a total of 667 (666.66666... without rounding), and a speed of 32 while in water. This suit is almost never used, however, it is recommended for people who prefer to work around the Navy.

Assasin Armor: The Assasin armor is a very popular choice among experienced players who prefer mobility over health. It increases one's health to 667 (666.6666666... without rounding) while increasing the wearer's WalkSpeed to 24. Users in this armor are hard to hit with normal weapons, however, they are very prone to splash damage, especially from above.

Light Armor: A VIP armor, increases health to 1200 and slightly increases overall speed.