The BattleTank, commonly referred to as the Tank, is a heavy vehicle designed for heavy firefights. BattleTanks have powerful weapons and heavy armor, making them a respectable opponent on the ground.

The Tank's primary weapon is the Main Cannon. It can be configured to fire 5 types of shells, each for a different purpose. Tanks also have secondary gunner, which is defaulted with a 20mm Heavy Machine Gun. Like with other gunner seats, the gunner can repair HP. 


Tanks can be spawned in Bases on the 2nd (Ground Vehicle) floor.

Primary Weapons

The Tank has 5 different choices of ammunition for the Main Cannon.

HEAT Rounds (High Explosive Anti Tank): As the default shell, HEAT rounds have decent direct and splash damage. They are a good choice for the everyday Battle Tank, because they can destroy other tanks and infantry pretty easily.

57mm AP Autocannon: The 57mm AP Autocannon, unlike the other shell types, deals low damage, however, is able to shoot much faster. Because these are AP shells, they are mostly effective against other vehicles. However, they deal more splash damage than normal AP rounds, meaning that they are somewhat effective against personnel, and combined with the high firerate, the AP Autocannon can be a powerful weapon in the right hands. However, all or most shots need to be a hit to effectively deal enough damage to quickly take out a Tank.

AP Rounds (Armor Piercing): Armor Piercing rounds deal the most direct damage and can instantly kill any flying vehicles except the Helicopter Carrier. They are ideal for defending the base from other ground vehicles or, if the pilot is skilled enough, for sniping helicopters/fighter jets. However, they have almost no effect on personnel unless they are hit with a direct blast.

HE Rounds (High Explosive): Very nasty rounds, HE rounds are the least effective against other tanks, but can eliminate a whole group of infantry in one shot. The splash damage and radius are much higher than other weapons, and so is the drop. They are the best choice if ATVs are bothering your team or there are many enemy soldiers on the field.

Dual-HEAT Rounds: Vehicle Achievement Reward. If both shots hit, tremendous damage is inflicted. Because these are not AP rounds, they are not useless against personnel, so one could say that they are good at against everything. 

HEAT AP Autocannon AP HE Dual-HEAT
Direct Damage: 1750 Unknown 2250 1000 1500
Indirect Damage:

375 (1m) / 1 (5m)

Unknown 100 (1m) / 1 (2m) 750 (1m) / 1 (7m) 375 (1m) / 1 (5m)
Projectile Velocity: 350 m/s Unknown 400 m/s 300 m/s 350 m/s
Barrel(s): Single Single Single Single Double
Reload Speed: 3 seconds Unknown 3 seconds 3 seconds 2 seconds

Secondary Weapons

Besides the Main Cannon, there is also a secondary turret for the gunner to control. This secondary weapon can be used to assist the Main Cannon, or it can be used to fill on for the Main Cannon's flaws (For example, one might put an anti-personnel weapon if the Main Weapon is Anti-Tank.)

20mm Machine Gun: As the default weapon, the 20mm machine gun is mainly effective against personnel, being able to kill personnel with just a handful of shots. It is also noticeably effective against ATVs and light Aircraft.

Anti-Infantry HE Grenade: The Anti-Infantry HE Grenade is a powerful explosive weapon that can easily wipe out infantry while not being useless against vehicles. The HE Grenade is a good choice if you want a solid anti-personnel weapon while being able to provide support for the Main Cannon.

85mm Armor-Piercing Rocket: The 85mm Armor-Piercing Rocket is one of the best anti-Tank secondary gunner weapons. It can deal high damage against all vehicles, however, due to its low splash damage, you will need a direct hit to kill infantry. 

Railgun: The Railgun is an all-purpose weapon, comparable to the 85mm AP Rocket. It's faster firerate and lower drop make it a versatile weapon. The Railgun excels against Navy, however suffers against light Aircraft. 

30mm AP Chaingun: Being the Vehicle Achievement Reward for the secondary gunner, the 30mm AP Chaingun is a very deadly weapon, especially in close range under 100m, where that Chaingun deals the most damage. The Chaingun can be considered effective against almost everything, from infantry to Tanks to Navy to Aircraft.

20mm Machine Gun HE Grenade 85mm Rocket Railgun 30mm AP Chaingun
Direct Damage: 100 (100m) / 75 (150m) 500 2200 900@100m 334 (100m) / 167 (150m)
Indirect Damage 0 100 (1m)/1 (4m) 75 (1m)/1 (2m) 600@150m 0
Projectile Velocity: 1000 m/s 125 m/s 300 m/s Unknown 300 m/s
Magazine Size: 60 12 1 8 120
Fire Rate: 750 RPM 240 RPM 30 RPM (reload) 60 RPM 1200 RPM at max
Reload Speed: 3 seconds 2 seconds 2 seconds Unknown 2 seconds


Users have the option of equipping extra armor plating onto certain sections of the vehicle. This allows you to increase survivability by decreasing damage taken to certain portions of the vehicle.

Front Armor: Front Armor is possibly one of the most handy upgrades, if a bit costly. It increases frontal resistance to a impressive 85%, and cosmetically adds a black steel texture armor plate over the front tread covers and upper front plate. This is handy in tank battles if you can get your armor in place on time.

Side Armor: Side Armor is a also rather handy upgrade that increases side armor, which is arguably more effective in infantry heavy servers, as rocket impacts to the side deal reduced damage. It imparts a resistance of 80%, tougher than the front, so you may wish to use it to take hits rather than the front.

Top Armor: Top Armor is possibly the least helpful armor upgrade for the Tank, as only if you're getting hit from the turret top does it actually help at all.