The Bomber is an Ground attack Aircraft that attacks targets by flying over them and dropping bombs on them. It is able to deal high damage, that is if the user hits their target. The Bomber also has a unique trait in that it has a mounted tail gun for defense against pursuing Aircraft and other vehicles. However, even though it is fairly fast, it's big size means it is often targeted and easily shot down.

Primary Weapons

The Bomber's primary weapons are available to the pilot and are all in some form bombs.

MK82A: The MK82A are bombs that deal mediocre damage. They can also be found as a secondary weapon choice for the Vortex.

150mm Fragmentation Bombs: The Fragmentation Bombs are fairly large bombs able to be dropped right after each other. They deal large splash damage and so are effective against small and lightly armored vehicles.

Thermobaric Bomb: The Thermobaric Bomb is a powerful bomb that deals an insane 7000 damage to targets, however only one can be dropped before the Bomber needs to reload. Due to it's single-shot design, it is most effective against big, heavily-armored and slow-moving targets, such as Battle Tanks or Destroyers.

Secondary Weapons

The Bomber also has a space for a gunner, who is given access to two different tail guns.

20mm Machine Gun: The 20mm Heavy Machine Gun is mainly effective against other Aircraft and personnel, as it won't do much against heavier Vehicles.

40mm Anti-Vehicle Grenade: The 40mm Grenade is somewhat the opposite of the 20mm Machine Gun. While being very effective against Ground Vehicles and infantry, it lacks the firerate, magazine capacity or muzzle velocity to compete against other Aerial Vehicles.