The Destroyer, formerly known as the Battleboat, is the largest Naval Vehicle is the game as of now. While lacking mobility and a big selection of weapons to choose from, the Destroyer has one big advantage - it has hold a pilot plus 2 gunners, meaning that 3 different weapons can be operated at once. This also means that you can have two people repairing one's Destroyer, making it almost invincible.

Another big upside it that the Destroyer has a Flak Canon as a choice, making it a threat to nearby Aircraft. The weapons on the Destroyer are often customized by experience players in such a way that the Destroyer is armed to counter any possible threat - from heavily armored Vehicles to Aircraft to infantry.

Primary Weapons

The Destroyer's Primary Weapon is mainly designed for combat against armored Vehicles.

Triple Barrel HE Cannon: The Triple HE Cannon is a semi-powerful weapon, mean for destroying soft targets. A small magazine size coupled with the slow firerate and moderate damage make it somewhat slow in destroying heavy targets, such as other Destroyers, however, it will do a pinch. Because of the HE rounds, the cannon is effective against personnel, even though such threat are uncommon in the Navy environment.

Dual Flak Cannon: The Dual Flak cannon is a very powerful anti-Aircraft cannon, and poses a big threat to such targets. However, since the Destroyer's Primary Weapon is it's only weapon with heavier firepower, it is not recommended to equip the Dual Flak Cannon, as a Flak Cannon can be equipped for the Secondary or Tertiary weapon, and equipping it will leave you vulnerable to other Vehicles.

Rampage Rocket Pods: A very respectable weapon, the Rocket Pods can be considered a straight upgrade to the Triple HE Cannon. With a decent magazine size, firerate and reload speed, the Rocket Pods can take out a Submarine or a SpeedBoat in one magazine, if all 6 shots hit. Due to the above average amount of Rockets one can fire at a target, the Rampage Rocket Pods are also effective against personnel, should you come across one.

150mm HEAT Cannon: As the Vehicle Achievement Reward Weapon, the 150mm Cannon is a very powerful weapon and should be avoided. It can shred pretty much any large, slow-moving target. Since the Cannon deals roughly twice the damage of the Battle Tank's and Artillery's Armor-Piercing Rounds, it can one shot many different smaller targets, such as the Jeep with Lvl 2 Armor, the Bomber with Lvl 2 Armor, or the Attack Helicopter.

(Primary) Triple Barrel HE Cannon Dual Flak Cannon Rampage Rocket Pods 150mm HEAT Cannon
Direct Damage 500 250 @ 360m / 100 @ 400m 600 4320
Indirect Damage 1250 @ 1m / 1 @ 7m 90 @ 1m / 1 @ 12m 750 @ 1m / 1 @ 5m 1250 @ 1m / 1 @ 10m
Magazine Size 3 150 6 3
Rate of Fire 240 RPM 480 RPM 480 RPM 45 RPM
Reload Speed 1 second 3


2.5 seconds 2 seconds
Battlescore Required 0 5000 15000 N/A | Requires 10 vehicles with Rank S

Secondary/Tertiary Weapons

The Destroyer also has a range of secondary weapons, usually used to fill on for the flaws of the Primary Weapon. For example, one might equip the HEAT Cannon if they have the Dual Flak Cannon as their Primary.

20mm Machine Gun: The 20mm Machine Gun is an anti-personnel weapon that does little damage to non-Aircraft vehicles. It is mainly used to counter infantry threats, or serve as an anti-air defense.

Flak Cannon: The smaller brother of the Primary Dual Flak Cannon, the Flak Cannon is the Destroyer's anti-air defense, sure to ward off any attacking air craft. While doing minuscule damage to other targets, the Flak Cannon is very reliable as a defense against aircraft. It is recommended to always have at least one of these on you Destroyer, as long as you don't have the Dual Flak Cannon.

HEAT Cannon: The Heat Cannon is a decent weapon to deal damage to armored Vehicles. Due to it's single-shot design, it is not very effective against small, mobile vehicles, such as the ATV. A good choice might be to put the HEAT Cannon as the Secondary Weapon (Front), so a gunner can assist the main driver in taking down other Destroyers and such.

30mm HE Chaingun: The 30mm Chaingun, being the Vehicle Achievement Reward weapon,is similar to the Battle Tank's secondary 30mm AP Chaingun, also a Reward weapon. It is a very versatile weapon, being able to deal considerable damage to all targets. It can be considered an all-round weapon.

(Secondary/Tertiary) 20mm Machine Gun Flak Cannon HEAT Rounds 30mm HE Chaingun
Direct Damage 250 @ 100m 250 @ 360m / 100 @ 400m 2200 175 @ 150m / 87.5 @ 200m
Indirect Damage 187.5 @ 150m 100 @ 400m 1000 @ 1m / 1 @ 5m 167 @ 1m / 1 @ 3m
Magazine Size 80 75 1 100
Rate of Fire 750 RPM 480 RPM N/A 1200 RPM
Reload Speed 2 seconds 3 seconds 2 seconds 3 seconds
Battlescore Required 0 5000 15000 N/A | Requires 10 vehicles with Rank S

Armour Upgrades

The Destroyer has 3 armor upgrade options to choose from.

Armor Upgrades No Armour Armour Lv 1 Armour Lv 2
Damage Resistance (All Directions) 33% Resistance 50% Resistance 67% Resistance


  • The Destroyer's original name was the BattleBoat before it recieved a new model.