The Helicopter Carrier, or just Heli Carrier, is a supportive Aircraft that can only be spawned in the Underground Storage. It is slow, but can sustain a lot more damage compared to other Aerial Vehicles. The Helicopter Carrier is not considered "Light Aircraft", and it has it's own modifier for weapons. The Helicopter shares the same health and armor values as the Destroyer, with the largest health pool in the game of 15000.

The Helicopter Carrier's large size makes it a vulnerable target to AA turrets and other gunfire. However, when equipped with max armor, Flak rounds have almost absolutely no effect, as the Helicopter Carrier resembles more of a Tank than a Fighter Jet. One good quality of the Helicopter Carrier is that when another airborne vehicle (such as a Tracker or a Shadow) runs into it, the Helicopter Carrier will destroy the aircraft and the kill will be counted for the Carrier's pilot as a ram-kill. Because of this, the pilot can simply drive around the map, getting into the way of enemy aircraft, getting ram-kills. It should also be noted that since the Helicopter Carrier is not considered "Light Aircraft", anti-Ground Weapons will deal significant damage to it.


In the Helicopter Carrier, unlike other Aerial Vehicle, the pilot does not have access to any weapons. There are two pilot seats inside the Carrier for gunners to operate. These two seats can be considered Secondary Weapons.

20mm Heavy Machine Gun: The 20mm Machine Gun is mainly an anti-personnel weapon, as it deals high damage against infantry. It can also be used as an anti-Aircraft weapon, however it is very ineffective when used in combat against Tanks.

30mm HE Machine Gun: The 30mm HE Machine Gun is an explosive weapon, similar to the 20mm Machine Gun. While it has a heavy 30mm caliber, it is only fairly accurate and not very effective unless targets are hit directly.

40mm Anti-Vehicle Grenade: The 40mm Grenade Launcher is a powerful anti-Vehicle grenade launcher. While most effective against Vehicles, it may be used against personnel or aircraft, with limited effectiveness.

30mm HE Cannon: As the Vehicle Achievement Reward Weapon, the 30mm HE Cannon can be considered an upgrade to the 30mm HE Machine Gun. With considerably improved damage and splash, it is a feared weapon.


  • The Helicopter Carrier is based on the Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter. Though the real one did not have any side windows in the style present and had no externally mounted weapons.