The MAC Tank is a high mobility armored vehicle. It is considered as the same vehicle class as the Battle Tank.


The MAC tank has only a few spawns. It spawns in the only in the Underground Storage in the 2-team gamemode, or in the Mountain Fortress in the 3-team gamemode.


The MAC tank only has a primary cannon. There are 5 different choices for shell types.

85mm High-Explosive Anti-Tank Cannon: The default weapon. Unlike other weapons equip-able for the MAC Tank, it is a single-shot cannon. Like the Battle Tank's default HEAT Cannon, it has decent direct and splash damage, which makes suitable against Infantry, other Ground Vehicles, Navy, and the Helicopter Carrier.

6-Barrel Anti-Air Cannon: The 6-Barrel Anti-Air Cannon is a rapidly-firing high-velocity anti-Aircraft Cannon best used against aircraft, as it's high muzzle velocity makes it easy to hit targets. While it's damage-per-shot is less than other AA-cannons in the game, it's high firerate makes up for it. While not designed for it, the cannon can be used against infantry with acceptable effectiveness. It is also notable that this is the only AA cannon that is not Flak-based.

'Rapid-Fire Dual High-Explosive Cannon: The Dual HE Cannon is the MAC Tank's counterpart to the Battle Tank's 57mm AP Autocannon. The lower damage-per-shot combined with its fairly fast firerate makes it an effective weapon, however all shots have to be hit to deal considerable damage to heavily armored vehicles. Due to it's HE shells, the Dual HE Cannon is a great choice against infantry.

Dual 35mm HEAP Cannon (High-Explosive Armor-Piercing): The HEAP Cannon is feared weapon on the battlefield. Decent damage combined with a fast firerate and a high magazine capacity make it a very destructive weapon. The Dual HEAP Cannon is effective against infantry, Ground Vehicles, light Aircraft, Navy and almost all other targets.

Dual 30mm AP Gatlings: Being the Vehicle Achievement Reward Weapon, the Dual 30mm AP Gatlings are one of the most powerful weapons in the game. They shred almost everything, from other tanks to ships to aircraft. Their high firerate makes them especially deadly.

85mm High-Explosive Anti-Tank Cannon 6 Barrel Flak Cannon Rapid-Fire Dual High-Explosive Cannon Dual 35mm HEAP Cannon Dual 30mm AP Gatlings
Direct Damage 2100 143 500 200 143
Indirect Damage 750 75 1500 500 200
Projectile Velocity ? ? ? ? ?
Magazine Size 1 75 6 32 90
Fire Rate Semi-Auto 600 RPM 240 RPM 360 RPM 1200 RPM
Reload Time 2 seconds 3 seconds 1.5 seconds 3 seconds 4 seconds
Can Deal Damage To All Targets, Direct

Personnel and ATV only, Indirect

All Targets, Direct


Aircraft and ATV only, Indirect (explodes only when near aircraft)

All Targets, Direct

Personnel and ATV only, Indirect

All Targets, Direct

Personnel and ATV only, Indirect

All Targets, Direct

Personnel and ATV only, Indirect


The MAC tank has 3 different choices for armor.

Reinforced Top Armor Reinforced Front Armor Reinforced Side Armor
Front Resistance 68% 78% 68%
Sides Resistance 60% 60% 75%
Rear Resistance 25% 25% 25%
Top Resistance 85% 65% 65%
Bottom Resistance 25% 25% 25%


The "MAC" in "MAC Tank" is almost certainly an acronym. However, what it stands for is unknown as of now.