The Shadow Fighter, or just "Shadow", is a multi-role aircraft in Base Wars. It stands out from other vehicles due to the fact that it fires laser & plasma rounds. It's one of the fastest Aerial Vehicles in the game, along with the Vortex and the Tracker. The Shadow doesn't excel in any field, however its decent in all fields, making it a "Jack-of-All-Trades" vehicle.


Shadow Fighters can be spawned on the 3rd Floor (Flying Vehicle Station) of Bases, on the Fortified Island, and on the Mountain Fortress (3-team map only).

Primary Weapons

The Shadow Fighter has a decent choice of weapons.

Laser Cannon: The Default weapon. Fires purple, oblong ovals in a straight line from where the aircraft is pointed.

Hailstorm Laser Chaingun: Fast firing and destructive laser chaingun that takes time to reach full fire-rate.

Rotary Laser Blaster: Slower firing variant of the Hailstorm Laser Chaingun, however it has a shorter reload time and no spin-up.

Mini Plasma Orb: Slow-firing plasma orb launcher. Resembles a grenade launcher in function.

Volatile LC: Vehicle Achievement Reward Weapon. Similar to the Rotary Laser Blaster, but with better stats.

Secondary Weapons

The pilot of the Shadow also has access to a range of secondary weapons. While primary weapons are mainly designed to take out other aircraft, secondary weapons are mostly Air-to-Surface weapons, designed mainly for combat against Ground Vehicles.

Heat-Seeking Missiles: Default secondary weapon. The Heat-Seeking Missiles will fire forwards and fall unless another vehicle is within a certain stud range (<100?), which will cause them to change direction and chase that vehicle, inevitably damaging it.

Liquid Plasma Gun: Short range weapon. Fires liquid plasma in a fashion similar to Flamethrowers, dealing very high damage in a short range.

Dual Rocket Pods: Fast-firing rockets. Best used against Ground Vehicles, especially the Artillery.

Dual Plasma Cannon: Heavy anti-ground cannon. Fires two high-damaging Plasma Orbs.