Spawn Truck

The Spawn Truck is a fictional Vehicle in Base Wars. It is the only Vehicle in the game that does not have any sort of weapons and can only kill infantry by running them over.

The Spawn Truck's name comes from it's primary use. This is because when a player spawns the Spawn Truck, and then exits the Vehicle, it is given as a spawn choice for all the players on the team the owner is on. Because of this, a Spawn Truck is often targeted to stop the spawning of enemy players. The Spawn Truck is often hidden and near an enemy checkpoint, such as the River Pass, as to allow rapid troop deployment. Another infamous use is to support Spawncamping, however this often leads to the Truck getting targeted and subsequently quickly destroyed. Another usage for the Spawn Truck is to move around troops, however this is almost never done as the Artillery and the Jeep can also transport people with greater efficiency.

Exceptions to Vehicle Rules

The Spawn Truck is a very unique Vehicle in terms of behavior. Like the Submarine, it cannon be modified. It has no weapons, and it is the only method of deploying a player outside of game-defined structures. Also, when the owner of the Spawn Truck spawns another Vehicle other than a Spawn Truck, the original Truck will not get destroyed and will still be shown as a location to spawn on. The last exception is that unlike all other Vehicles, when an enemy player tries to take the truck over by entering the driver's seat, they get ejected with a message saying: "You cannon drive this Vehicle".

Spawn truck

Old model of the Spawn Truck