The Submarine is a naval vehicle designed to be stealthy and fast. It has considerably low health for a naval vehicle, demonstrated by the fact that it can be taken out by two-three hits by a HEAT Round turret. Unlike most other vehicles, the submarine has no mouse controls, instead relying completely upon keyboard input for steering and weapons control. It has limited armament, but is very deadly if used properly. It's torpedoes can bring down undefended destroyers with devastating efficiency, perhaps only outmatched by the power of high-tier trackers, destroyers, helicopters, tanks, or artilleries.


Submarines can be spawned in the Navy station of team bases. As with all vehicles (excluding the spawntruck), Submarines can be spawned by any team at any base. Submarines can also be spawned in the back port of the Fortified Island facility.

Weaponry / Upgrades

The submarine's only weapon is a pair of torpedoes. When fired with the F key, the torpedoes shoot directly from the front of the submarine in the direction the front was aimed when they were fired. Each torpedo will continue to travel until they impact any object, upon which they will explode. A common and effective strategy is to pop above the water, fire, and dive down again. It is also helpful to move around so you can confuse the vehicle being fired upon. Unless absolutely necessary, it is best to stay completely submerged while piloting the submarine, as it provides an easy and vulnerable target for most vehicles while surfaced.